Improve Your Golf Game at Grayhawk

Founded by golf personalities and longtime pals of Grayhawk Peter Kostis and Gary McCord, Grayhawk Learning Center is considered to be one of the best golf instruction programs in Scottsdale, Arizona.  

Paul Trittler and Jeff Yurkiewicz are the mainstays of the operation along with the short-game specialist, Stan Utley, the Australasian connection Andrew Getson, and Kay Kennedy, an accomplished instructor who also competed on the LPGA Tour. Not to mention the newest addition, John Kostis, who obviously learned the game from one of the all-time best golf instructors, his father, Peter!

No matter what a golfer’s goals may be or what part of their game needs improvement – the instruction team at the Grayhawk Learning Center has it covered. Their instruction programs are all highly personalized and run the gamut from half-day workshops to three-day golf schools that will lower your score before you can say “gimme 3 pops a side.” But not only will you play better, you’ll get more enjoyment from the game.

Whether it’s a run at the club championship or bragging rights between pals, the difference between winning and losing can be as thin as that dollar bill you just wagered. If you’re looking for an edge, the instruction team at Grayhawk Learning Center will help you find it.

To inquire about golf clinics at Grayhawk Learning Center, call Allison Van Heuklom at 480.502.1800 or email her at