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That Means You, Too!

With two impressive golf courses, dining, shopping, special-event venues and solid customer service, it’s no wonder people mistake us for private. Despite some similarities, however, we’re the opposite:  100-percent public since opening in 1994.

Oh sure, we’ve hosted some exclusive events over the years, including the PGA TOUR, but it’s public golfers – like you – who make up our “bread and butter.”

Next time you’re brainstorming – think Grayhawk Golf Club. Better yet, make a day of it:  drop by in the morning for a cup of coffee at Mojo; tee it up on Talon or Raptor; and then join us for dinner and drinks at Phil’s Grill, Quill Creek Cafe or Isabella’s Kitchen.

No matter what you’re looking for, you’re welcome to find it here at Grayhawk Golf Club – home to 36 holes of TOUR-tested golf surrounded by our open-to-everyone Scottsdale golf lifestyle.

-Grayhawk Crew