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Mowing the grass, raking bunkers, filling divots, aerating turf, spreading fertilizer – the list never ends. Then, during fall’s annual overseed, the agronomy team chops the summer grass down to the dirt and re-seeds both golf course with winter grass to provide ideal year-round conditions.

Cart Paths Only

Especially right after overseed – golf carts must remain on the cart paths. Same necessary, albeit unpopular, obligation applies, for example, when gully-washer storms roll through the desert Southwest.

Golf staff will inform guests when cart-path-only policy is in place, and rest assured the agronomy team will do its best to get the golf course ready for play – including for golf cart traffic – as soon as conditions allow.

Otherwise, please drive 90 degrees from the cart path to your ball.

Note:  Raptor will be cart path only mid-May, 2023, leading up to the NCAA Golf Championships.

Overseed Dates

  • Talon Course:  Closed 9/25 – 10/8
  • Raptor Course:  Closed 10/9 – 11/2

Aeration Dates

  • Talon Course:  Closed 7/24 – 8/24
  • Raptor Course:  Closed 6/19 – 7/23

Agronomy Team

We caught up with Grayhawk Golf Club’s Director of Agronomy Ernie Pock – a third-generation, Arizona superintendent – along with the team that makes it happen during “Thank a Golf Course Superintendent Day.” And Walter Cronkite Sports Network dropped by for an interview to get a behind-the-scenes look at the operation responsible for the spectacular conditions during the NCAA Men’s and Women’s Golf Championship, held 2021-2023.