Grayhawk’s 2021 Maintenance Schedule

Grayhawk Golf Club follows a proactive schedule of maintenance activities throughout the year. Some of these are not visible to our guests because these are done before the sun rises each day. Mowing fairways and greens, raking bunkers, filling divots and spreading fertilizer are just a few of the less visible and least disruptive.

The annual aeration and overseeding rituals are perhaps the most visible of Grayhawk’s agronomic practices. We aerate parts of our golf courses in the summer using tines that punch holes and allow sand, nutrients and water to penetrate through compacted soil. The courses snap back very quickly. In the fall, we overseed the summer bermudagrass with winter ryegrass. The process takes several weeks to complete and additional time for recovery. We put down a lot of water to help promote seed germination, so we’ll keep golf carts on the cart path for a number of weeks afterwards to prevent damage to the courses. With two 18-hole golf courses, we have the advantage of keeping one course open while the other is overseeded. This allows our guests to keep playing the game they love 365 days a year.


2021 Aeration: Closed 6/14-6/27

2021 Summer Maintenance: 8/9-8/12, 8/16-8/19, 8/23-8/26

2021 Overseeding:
Closed  9/20-10/3
Re-Opens 10/4 (Cart Path Only)


2021 Aeration: Closed 6/28-8/5

2021 Summer Maintenance: No additional maintenance at this time

2021 Overseeding:
Closed 10/12-11/4
Re-Opens 11/5 (Cart Path Only)