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Although moving on to a can’t-miss LPGA Tour career is hardly a “sunset,” the Sun Devils’ quarterfinal lost to Duke did, indeed, mark the end of Olivia Mehaffey’s stellar collegiate career.

“Few have had a bigger impact on our program than Olivia Mehaffey,” Missy Farr-Kaye observed. “The type of Sun Devil she has been on the golf course and off the golf course. It made her cry and it made me cry, but she really is a phenomenal person and phenomenal talent. The ride with her for five years has been amazing and I am very heartbroken that it has come to an end. I told her we are her home in the United States and her family who will always be there for her. And she knows that. We are excited to wish her well and watch her thrive in the next step in her pro career.”

Of the four-time All-American’s many accomplishments, Mehaffey fingerprints were all over the Sun Devil’s 2017 National Championship. She will now begin her professional career this weekend, playing at the Mission Inn Resort and Club Championship in Florida.

Ashley Menne continued her tremendous performance, winning 2&1 in her matchup with Jaravee Boonchant, coming after a fourth-place finish in stroke play. After play was even through six, Menne took the first lead on seven. She re-took the lead on 10 and jumped two holes ahead on 14, cruising to the finish line by matching her opponent over the final three holes.

“I am so proud of Ashley, she had such a great freshman campaign,” Farr-Kaye reflected. “Ashley is one of the top freshmen in the country. She came along fabulously this spring. She has grown and learned so much as a golfer and human being in the past year and it has been really fun to watch.”

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