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After the 2020 cancellation shortened a three-year agreement, the NCAA recently awarded ASU, The Thunderbirds and Grayhawk Golf Club the honor of hosting the 2023 NCAA Division I Men’s and Women’s Golf Championships. College golf’s best now have three opportunities to get on the “Road to Grayhawk,” 2021-2023.

“Missing 2020 took the wind out of everyone’s sails,” said Joe Shershenovich, director of golf for Grayhawk Golf Club. “This puts us back on track for three years here in Scottsdale. With all of the challenges, getting back to championship golf will be appreciated more than ever.

NCAA Golf Championship Schedule

Women:  May 21-26
Men:  May 28-June 2

Women: May 20-25
Men’s:  May 27-June 1

Dates To Be Determined

Celebrating 2020

Still feeling the sting of the 2020 cancellation, back in May – the day the women’s champions would have been decided – tournament hosts gathered for a special event recognizing 2020 while celebrating championships to come.

Comments by ASU men’s and women’s head golf coaches, Matt Thurmond and Missy Farr-Kaye; executive director of The Thunderbird, Chance Cozby, and president of Grayhawk Development, Gregg Tryhus

Raptor Sneak Peek

Back in 2019, Baylor, BYU, UCLA and North Carolina – in town for the 47th ASU Thunderbird Invitational – took a sneak peek at Raptor. We tagged along to capture the action.