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A day of golf at Grayhawk usually begins at The Morning Joint, the club’s coffee shop and juice bar. They start pouring at 6 a.m. for early risers and keep it hot until 1 p.m. for those with a loose definition of morning. Either way “Mojo” offers a comfortable indoor/outdoor space to fuel up with a coffee drink and breakfast/lunch or simply relax and socialize with family and friends.

Also serving as a neighborhood coffee shop, Mojo’s drink menu features a variety of hot and iced espressos with a host of flavors, drip coffee, teas (black and herbal), frappes, hot chocolate and soft drinks.

“With hopes for drive-through someday, we do have convenient parking set aside to accommodate on-the-go guests,” said Brian Bevard, director of operations at Grayhawk Golf Club. “And of course hanging out on the patio is a big hit. Comfortable seating, plenty of shade and it’s pet-friendly. It’s just a relaxing atmosphere.”

There’s More to Mojo’s Than a Cup of Joe

The health-conscious crowd is encouraged to “get fresh” with Moju – Mojo’s produce-packing cousin that serves up a variety of juices, smoothies and much more, all prepared from fresh fruits, vegetables and other healthy things.

For those who want to “hit it hard,” Mojo offers a selection of adult beverages including “Booze” smoothies blended with vodka, strawberries, mango and/or pineapple. Other libations include bloody marys, bloody beers, Kir Royale (champagne and Chambord), bloody beer and a selection of domestic beer.

In addition to pastries, muffins and other goodies, the “Rise and Shine” menu offers tasty selection ranging from breakfast burritos to avocado toast until 11 am when the “Nooner” menu takes over with favorites such as a variety of salads, teriyaki chicken bowl and club sandwich leading the way.

Golf is just a part, albeit a big one, of the overall experience at Grayhawk Golf Club. Whether it’s a shopping spree in the Golf Shop & Trading Co, cold beer in Phil’s Grill, or a hot coffee in Mojo, be sure to carve out enough time to take it all in.

And even if you’re not playing golf that day, make it a Mojo morning.